Time for Tutankhamun!

Three years ago I was lucky enough to visit BSE (The British School of Egypt) and in particular to meet the wonderful pupils, teachers and parents at the school. Whilst I was there BSE kindly arranged for me to visit the pyramids at Giza – in the photo – and Cairo museum that houses most of the items that were found in Tutankhamun’s tomb. It was unusually quiet at the museum and I had the rare opportunity to stare into the face of King Tut on my own for a short while. Like so many before me I became entranced by his story and the remarkable story of the final discovery of his tomb such an incredibly long time after his death. ‘Sixteenth step’ describes the thoughts of six characters, real and imagined, in the story that spans so many millennia. It’s available from Amazon in book form (£5.00 in the UK) for free download for Kindle through Kindleunlimited or for £3.50 (in the UK). For mature readers.