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Steve Way - Using stories to tell mathsUsing stories to teach Maths series.

Ages 4 to 7  ISBN 978-1-90986-002-5
Ages 7 to 9 ISBN 978-1-909860-01-8
Ages 9 to 11 ISBN 978-1-909860-00-1

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Steve Way - Using stories to tell maths 7-9Originally published in 2010 by Hopscotch Educational Publishing in the UK (and Essential Resources in New Zealand and Australia) the series was re-printed in 2014 and updated and expanded to support the 2014 curriculum. The stories, sketches and poems, provide aSteve Way - Using stories to tell maths 9-11 cross-curricular resource for the teaching of maths supported by lesson plans for each topic covered. The books are accompanied by substantial support material provided in CDs included with each book – namely a High Achievers Supplement of stories with the 9-11 book, a History of Numbers with the 7-9 book and a pictorial story Numbers Day with the age 4-7 book.

Simplemente Matematicas

A follow on series to the Simply Science series published in Spain by Everest.