Spell Binding Stories LKS2, a kindle version of ‘Gobulins’ and a y=mx+C video!

It’s taken a while but several buses have arrived at once!

For a long time I’ve been working on creating stories, sketches and poems for a second book of ‘Spell Binding Stories’ following the edition for KS1 (age 5-7.) This book is aimed at ‘lower’ KS2, in other words children aged around 7-9, to support the teaching and learning of spelling as required at these ages by the National Curriculum. The pieces are all as different from each other as possible, including a sketch based on a TV show entitled ‘There’s no tricks with a suffix’, a story in the added ‘grammar supplement’ exploring what happens when all the verbs are stolen, an ‘adverb miner’ descrining what happens down an ‘adverb mine’ and a story explaining why we don’t have the word inspirebloopbloop!

Also available on Kindle!

I thought I had published ‘The Gobulins and the Globulins’, containing John Welding’s wonderful illustrations, on kindle as well as in paperback but while I was sorting out the publication of ‘Spell Binding Stories’ I noticed that I hadn’t completed the process – so I did! One wonderful advantage in ‘Gobulins’ being published in Kindle, over the paperback publication, is that the illustrations of John’s that were in colour are available in colour, whereas they are only in black and white in the paperback. ‘Gobulins’ involves the discovery by the narrator of the book discovering the last tribes of two very unusual beings in the overgrown garden of his uncle’s cottage in Wales. The only problem is their continuing existance is in grave danger!

We all love straight line graphs don’t we! Don’t we… ? Well even if you don’t now maybe you will love them more after watching my poem based on the formula of straight line graphs – y = mx + C… How great can an equation be?