Creative Writing ideas

Happy Christmas everyone!

Roughly each week from now on I’m aiming to post some examples of a theme for creative writing. As the New Year is coming up how about some…

Nutty New Year Resolutions!

1.  I won’t selotape my Dad to the chair while he’s asleep anymore.

2.  I won’t play at being an orang-utan anywhere near Mum’s breakable vases anymore.

3.  I will stop picking everyone else’s nose and will only pick my own from now on.

4.  I won’t wash my hair in the toilet anymore as it seems to upset my Mum for some reason.

5.  I won’t paint the stair carpet a lovely orange colour again.

6.  I won’t eat 16 bowls of jelly all at the same time again…ugh…

7.  I will stop running up and down the street, dressed as a shop, shouting, “Mind out for all the purple elephants!!!”

8.  I won’t spread jam all over the dog anymore.

9.  I will stop suddenly turning into an enormous cabbage in P.E. because it frightens all the other children.

10.  I will never drop an elephant on Grannie again while she’s sleeping, even though it is very funny.

11.  I will stop being me and will be the man three houses down with the green car.

12.  I will only have eleven New Years Resolutions this year.

13.  I will say “Tortoise” to people every time I meet them instead of “Hello”