Maths Stories

Maths stories/sketches/poems

Steve Way - Using stories to tell mathsI’ve written maths-based stories, sketches and poems, for each year group from Reception to Y6 that incorporate themes from the National Curriculum.

The pieces are often interactive and can also include a “Times Table Workout” and drama activities for a kinaesthetic session. The sessions for Reception are usually better if kept to around 40 minutes. For the other sessions I have over an hour’s worth of material for each year group. It’s fine to combine consecutive-aged year groups, such as both KS1 classes or Y3 & Y4.


Many schools ask me to visit when they are having a “Maths Week”

A typical timetable for a visit would look something like this;

Nursery/Reception approx 30/40 minutes

How the Wise Wizz of Woo invented numbers – poem
and The Numbers learn their order

  • Fun with the numbers 1 – 10

Sailors Setting Standards

  • Standard measures
Y1 & Y2 approx 1 hour +

All Shapes and Sizes

  • 3D shapes

Primitive Place Value

  • Place value system

Bernice the octopus buys a watch

  • Ordinal numbers

The King-Sized take away pizza for the Queen

  • Subtraction
Y3 & Y4 approx 1 hour +

Rectangle joke2D shapes poem

  • 2D shapes

Dodgy Divisions

  • Use of fair/unfair division

Times table dance

  • kinaesthetic times tables (can be modified for Y1/2 or Y5/6!)

Here go the Guitar Gnoffs

  • Sorting within patterns and groups

Mad Measures

  • Use of inappropriate and appropriate measures
Y5 & Y6 

Hank Bullman rides into Certain City

  • Wild West introduction to probability!

Court conundrums 1 & 2

  • Fractions and percentage (1) plus decimals (2)

Mediaeval Mode

  • Averages and range

Ratio poem

  • Ratios!!



Steve Way - Using stories to tell mathsUsing stories to teach Maths series.

Ages 4 to 7  ISBN 978-1-90986-002-5
Ages 7 to 9 ISBN 978-1-909860-01-8
Ages 9 to 11 ISBN 978-1-909860-00-1

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Originally published in 2010 by Hopscotch Educational Publishing in the UK (and Essential Resources in New Zealand and Australia) the series was re-printed in 2014 and updated and expanded to support the 2014 curriculum. The stories, sketches and poems, provide a cross-curricular resource for the teaching of maths supported by lesson plans for each topic covered. The books are accompanied by substantial support material provided in CDs included with each book – namely a High Achievers Supplement of stories with the 9-11 book, a History of Numbers with the 7-9 book and a pictorial story Numbers Day with the age 4-7 book.