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Escape from Schoolditz

Escape from Schoolditz: Four teachers make a bid for freedom! by [Way, Steve]

As the Head teacher locked Toni and her colleagues into the staffroom for the night, Toni wondered about all her friends at college who hadn’t gone into teaching. Were they still enjoying life in the outside world? Did they have the chance to bring up their own families? Toni had realised long ago that it would be impossible for her to combine parenthood with the imprisonment of teaching. “Your students are your family now!” the Head teacher had declared when she’d once dared to complain.

Like all mere teachers Toni and her three colleagues are locked in their staffroom at night, until either the Head teacher or the Deputy Head releases them in the morning. Inspired by the escape attempts of Colditz the four teachers attempt to get away and lead a normal life. Unfortunately the Deputy Head is becoming increasingly suspicious that something is going on…

A story for adults and children… oh and even teachers.

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