Monthly Archives: July 2018

Two poems about giants using the /j/ phoneme

These two poems about giants come from ‘Every Phoneme Covered’ a teacher’s handbook to support the teaching of phonics using stories and poems. I hope you like them – and that it’ll make you think about putting a giant in a cage!

A birthday warning about the Tiger Fly and the Python Bee!

Recently one of my best friends, Roger, turned seventy years young. Roger is an amazing person as well as a true friend and has the energy of a child! Basically he has been seven ten times over – hence the joke at the beginning. As a tribute to Rog I adapted one of my poems into a poem just for him but because he enjoyed it so much (and as he kindly agreed to it) I’ve decided to share it on the web-site. I hope you enjoy it too and will also now be safe should the Tiger Fly or the Python Bee be in the vicinity! PS Roger has been an enthusiastic vegan for several years now and given his astonishing good health at least a portion of his inexhaustible energy seems to be due to this – and that explains the joke about the Tiger Fly!