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Wonderful welcome in Hamburg!

Welcom at Hamburg

The International school in Hamburg is in a delightful setting, opposite a huge botanic garden through which I walked from the tram station to the school. As at Bremen the staff and the children made me very welcome and as I walked in, I saw the announcement on one of the large display screens around the school that some guy called Steve Way was visiting that day. I don’t know where he got to but I had a great time pretending to be him all day long – I think some of the staff and pupils actually thought I wrote some of his stuff!


German train drivers on strike!

Railway at Bremen

To get from Bremen to Hamburg on my visit the International Schools there, I had to go to this magnificent Railway Station at Bremen to buy a ticket – the lady in the ticket office couldn’t have been more helpful and got me the best ticket deal possible and then I travelled on the double-decker train to Hamburg. The staff at the school in Hamburg were concerned that I might be affected by the train driver’s third strike in recent succession. The result of the strike was that trams were only arriving at stations every twenty minutes rather than every ten minutes! Apparently the train drivers couldn’t understand why their repeated strike action wasn’t being effective. Given that their clean and efficient service was still ten times more efficient than in the UK, I suspected I had an idea why!


Helpful German people!

tram at Bremen

I recently went to visit the International Schools in Bremen and Hamburg in Germany. It turned out that the hotel I was staying at was right on the other side of Bremen from the airport, where I arrived. The seemingly clear instructions I’d downloaded from the internet about how to get there turned out to be entirely unhelpful but at each stage of my journey there on trams – like the one above – several German people guided me on my way. So in one way I was glad the instructions weren’t too clear as I got to experience and appreciate the wonderful hospitality of the German people!