Day’s Timetable


This is a sample timetable that can be adapted to your school’s requirements.

Year One and Two

Loopy Leticia’s Long Lasting Lolly

  • A poem exploring melting and freezing

The robo-octopus-dog-rat-bat-eagle-ot

  • A mad professor attempts to make a machine to help people that has five senses. His sensible assistant points out that people have some or all of these five senses already!

Problems for Princess Puzzle

  • Princess Puzzle needs to find a strong battering ram to rescue a prince who was captured whilst busy reading (again!) but until guided by her wizard sidekicks she doesn’t use fair testing to find the best one available.

Fridge Fight

  • A story about healthy food – the various foods in the fridge discuss which one of them is the healthiest type of food.

Where’s the wildlife?

  • A story in which presenter Simple Simon “looks” for wildlife at the edge of a town and fails to notice countless animals and plants in the environment around him.

Same Planet

  • A letter from Sally Same from a planet where everyone is the same – not all uniquely different as on Planet Earth!


Years Three and Four

Problems Propagating Plants

  • A story in which a toothless crocodile has to learn how to grow plants in order to feed herself.

Bone Holiday

  • A story in which Prince Rupert’s different bones decide to relocate within his body and try out carrying out each other’s role.

Wendy the water molecule

  • A story in which Wendy, a water molecule, explains her adventures in the water cycle.

Flea Football

  • A sketch in which the various characters explore various aspects of sound.

Food Chain United vs Ecosystem City

  • A sketch involving a football commentary that parallels the sequence of events in a food chain.


Years Five and Six

Insulation Frustration

  • A poem requiring three characters exploring how insulators can keep things cool as well as warm.

Bank Friction

  • A sketch that reveals that due to friction Professor Crackpot’s many inventions are… crackpot!

Rose Tours

  • A story requiring an “alien crew” to demonstrate the structure of a flower as the minute aliens fly around it in their tiny spacecraft.

Conductors vs Insulators

  • A sketch in which a reporter goes crazy commentating in a match in which the “Conductors” team pass the ball too much as if they can’t hold on to it but the “Insulators” players keep the ball to themselves far too much as though they can’t let go of it, resulting in yet another inevitable draw.

Today with Trevor MacIntosh

  • A sketch in which Trevor interviews several unusual characters each representing various types of micro organisms.

Silly Circulation

  • A sketch in which a sergeant and a corporal blood cell attempt to explain the nature of the circulation they will soon be a part of to some raw recruit red blood cells