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An Awfully Big Blog Adventure

Richard, who kindly manages my website, has added a link on the home page to ‘An Awfully Big Blog Adventure’. This is a blog written by children’s writers. We all have a set day of the month to contribute – my day is the 2nd. So if you navigate to that page you’ll be able to read pieces written by around thirty authors including me. I hope you enjoy the blogs should you look at them. Of course ‘An Awfully Big Blog Adventure’ more or less abreviates as ABBA so I often surprise friends and family by declaring that I’m a member of ABBA! How exciting that ABBA have reformed… without me though apparently!

You wait for ages… and then… two!?! (isn’t it supposed to be three?) turn up at the same time!

New for the New Year! Two new books!

The first is ‘The Gobulins and the Globulins’.

The narrator of the story, who is only ever referred to as ‘William’s nephew’, though not by human voices, finds that he inherits far more than just a cottage from his uncle.

The second book is, ‘Spy by Accident’.

Simon doesn’t know it but his mum is a spy. Up until now she has been able to keep her dangerous job a secret from Simon and his father Andrew. When Simon gets home early from school he and his dad unwittingly become entangled in her dangerous world.


A poem about averages… or an average poem (you decide) plus is back!

A poem from ‘Escape from Schoolditz’ is now available on YouTube; the link is;

I hope you enjoy it… on average!

Also after being offline for a while is back online – check out my cartoon about numbers at…

A selection of maths stories at…

… and a couple of interactive adventures at…

I hope you enjoy them!

Escape from Schoolditz

Escape from Schoolditz: Four teachers make a bid for freedom! by [Way, Steve]

As the Head teacher locked Toni and her colleagues into the staffroom for the night, Toni wondered about all her friends at college who hadn’t gone into teaching. Were they still enjoying life in the outside world? Did they have the chance to bring up their own families? Toni had realised long ago that it would be impossible for her to combine parenthood with the imprisonment of teaching. “Your students are your family now!” the Head teacher had declared when she’d once dared to complain.

Like all mere teachers Toni and her three colleagues are locked in their staffroom at night, until either the Head teacher or the Deputy Head releases them in the morning. Inspired by the escape attempts of Colditz the four teachers attempt to get away and lead a normal life. Unfortunately the Deputy Head is becoming increasingly suspicious that something is going on…

A story for adults and children… oh and even teachers.

Now available from Amazon in book or Kindle form!

Spell Binding Stories KS1

This is a series of stories and poems I’ve been working at on and off for several years – and at last they seemed ready to publish! There are just over thirty pieces each matching one of the spelling skill children are supposed to learn as specified in the National Curriculum for English in England. Hopefully the stories and poems (and the teacher’s notes that come with them) will provide an additional route to teaching spelling that allows more diversity, creativity – and most importantly FUN!!! I believe all learning should be stimulating and particularly for children that means it should be fun! If you get to look at them or use them I hope you enjoy them – all supportive criticism and feedback always appreciated!

The link for the book version (available from Amazon in any country) is;

And this is the link for the kindle version…




Two poems about giants using the /j/ phoneme

These two poems about giants come from ‘Every Phoneme Covered’ a teacher’s handbook to support the teaching of phonics using stories and poems. I hope you like them – and that it’ll make you think about putting a giant in a cage!

A birthday warning about the Tiger Fly and the Python Bee!

Recently one of my best friends, Roger, turned seventy years young. Roger is an amazing person as well as a true friend and has the energy of a child! Basically he has been seven ten times over – hence the joke at the beginning. As a tribute to Rog I adapted one of my poems into a poem just for him but because he enjoyed it so much (and as he kindly agreed to it) I’ve decided to share it on the web-site. I hope you enjoy it too and will also now be safe should the Tiger Fly or the Python Bee be in the vicinity! PS Roger has been an enthusiastic vegan for several years now and given his astonishing good health at least a portion of his inexhaustible energy seems to be due to this – and that explains the joke about the Tiger Fly!


Time for Tutankhamun!

Three years ago I was lucky enough to visit BSE (The British School of Egypt) and in particular to meet the wonderful pupils, teachers and parents at the school. Whilst I was there BSE kindly arranged for me to visit the pyramids at Giza – in the photo – and Cairo museum that houses most of the items that were found in Tutankhamun’s tomb. It was unusually quiet at the museum and I had the rare opportunity to stare into the face of King Tut on my own for a short while. Like so many before me I became entranced by his story and the remarkable story of the final discovery of his tomb such an incredibly long time after his death. ‘Sixteenth step’ describes the thoughts of six characters, real and imagined, in the story that spans so many millennia. It’s available from Amazon in book form (£5.00 in the UK) for free download for Kindle through Kindleunlimited or for £3.50 (in the UK). For mature readers.